At the hospital

I'm at the hospital with my brother who had surgery for appendicitis before yesterday and still must be admitted a few days to recover.
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Estoy en el hospital con mi hermano que fue operado antes de ayer de apendicitis y todavia debe esperar algunos dias ingresado para recuperarse.

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  1. I wish for your brother's health :)


  2. awwww your comment on my blog almost made me cry! you are too sweet and too kind :) thank you for following, it's still a new blog (less than a week old) but i'm having a lot of fun with all of the posts and i hope to delivery useful and fun content haha.

    hope your brother recovers quickly! appendicitis sucks :(
    btw i just had to say that you are GORGEOUS! :o


  3. I Hope he gets better reall soon !!
    i have just given you the lovely blog award, you can check it on my last post! :)


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