Let's take a breath

Last saturday afternoon I had a delicious time with my friends. We met to have a coffee and just talk and take a breath.. All this routine and studies are already getting me crazy! Then we went to the cinema and watched Friends With Benefits. I loved it, and I have to admit that Justin Timberlake, who didn't like me at all,  now looks so hot! Mila was stunning as always, and her super basic and natural fashion at the movie inspired me a lot, and her ponytail with volume too! I recommend it :)
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El sábado pasado pasé una tarde deliciosa con mis amigas. Nos reunimos y tomamos un café para hablar y tomar un respiro.. Toda esta rutina y los estudios ya me están volviendo loca! Luego fuimos al cine a ver Con Derecho A Roce, y tengo que admitir que Justin Timberlake, que antes no me gustaba nada, ahora me parece super guapo! Mila estaba increíble como siempre, y sus looks super naturales y básicos me inspiraron un montón, su cola con volumen también. La recomiendo! :)

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  1. I love the first picture! It's like Sex and the City -picture :D

  2. Awww, looks like you have an awesome group of friends. That's wonderful! You ladies look great! Have a wonderful evening. :)
    SassyUptownChic xoxo Kim

  3. great pictures!!! and i loved the movie too, especially because of mila kunis ^^ she really did have simple but really great styling in the movie!

  4. you all look pretty!!!thank you for visiting my blog,now i'm following you from Turkey:))xoxo

  5. you all look pretty!!thank you for visiting my blog, now i'm follwing you from Turkey:))xoxo


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