Hello everybody, this is a really busy day but it's going to be so funny too! Now I'm going to maths classes and then to work (I'm teaching ballet to kids *.*). At night I'm going to a concert with my friends and then to dance a looooot with Carmen before sleeping in her house =) 
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Good bye honeys I wish a super kind weekend !
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Hola a todos, este es un día muy ocupado pero también va a ser super divertido! Ahora voy a clases de mates y luego a trabajar  (estoy dando clases de ballet a niñas chicas *,*). Por la noche voy a ir a un concierto con mis amigas y luego a bailar un montónnnn con mi amiga Carmen antes de quedarme a dormir a su casa =)
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Adiós cariños os deseo un finde super dulce a todos!

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  1. OMG! Is that you?? This photo goes straight into my top 5!

  2. Have a great weekend! I think it's wonderful you teach ballet to kids. I love ballet! Enjoy the concert! :D

  3. que blog mas chulo!! me ha encantado!!
    si te apetece visita el nuestro ;)
    nosotras ya nos hacemos ahora seguidoras tuyas!!



  4. It's good to know that I'm not the only one kept busy:) love your blog-a little bit of everything which is intresting! Would you like to follow each other? xxx


  5. Love that picture! Sounds like you have such a great day ahead of you!


  6. Love that photo!


  7. Great post... I love all these pictures!!!!
    And the design of your blog is cute.....:)
    What do you think if we follow each other?! ;) I'll wait your answer on my blog!!

    this is my blog:http://dreamsonthestage4.blogspot.com/



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