Glitter sweater

This winter sequins has entered strongly in our wardrobes and all the shops. Shoes, skirts, tops, dresses,.. and sweaters. Last Tuesday I went shopping with Carmen and wore this black one from H&M. They have a advantage: they look great with everything and are the best thing to wear when you are not very inspired but also a disadvantage, everybody wears them and even if I used to love sequins (and still do) I think I am a little bit tired of it.. Anyway, glitter sweaters are comfy and glamourous and is a thing that everybody should have in their closets.
Now, I'm deciding betweet ( ) going to Lubrin with my friends and miss rhythmic gymnastics training or ( ) don't go to Lubrin.... Bye!
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Este verano las lentejuelas han entrado con fuerza en nuestros armarios y en todas las tiendas. Zapatos, faldas, camisetas, vestidos... y jerséis. El martes pasado fui de compras con Carmen y me puse uno negro de H&M. Tienen una ventaja: quedan bien con todo y vienen de lujo para cuando no estás inspirado, pero por otro lado tienen un incoveniente y es que lo lleva todo el mundo, y aunque a mi me encantaban las lentejuelas (y me siguien encantando) me he hartado un poquito de verlas en esa cantidad masiva. De todas formas los jerseis con purpurina son cómodos y bonitos y es algo que todas debemos tener en nuestros armarios.
Ahora estoy decidiendo entre ( ) Ir a Lubrín con mis amigas y perderme el entrenamiento de gimnasia rítmica o ( ) no ir a Lubrín... Adiós!

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  1. Hey lovely. Thanks for your kind words. You look divine. I love your hair! Keep up the good blog. Kiss from Berlin <3

  2. You have a SUPER cute blog! Love the layout! And this is an adorable post - loving the knit on you! Fab!

    Wardrobe Stylists, NYC.


  3. You're so pretty! And I love your hair. :)


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  5. Thats a gorgeous sweater! My latest post are on these black and gold glitter leggings I just picked up...u should have a look see!

    lovely pictures doll!



  6. Like your sweater

    Greetings from Germany


  7. such a cute photo.


  8. You look so gorgeous, I love your hair! The sweater is wonderful too...I love the sparkles :)


  9. Aww you are so pretty!!! Gorgeous hair too. I really like your blog, just had a good read - you have a new follower xxx

    South Molton St Style

  10. I like your style so much! Great post.

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  12. Um, dear, you're ABOSLUTELY gorgeous! I love your hair! And your shirt :) so pretty.

  13. pretty sweater! love your hair as well.

  14. Nice sweater!


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  16. Fotos hermosas ... hermosa cara :)

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