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This was my look for yesterday: beige sweater with jeans shirt, brown trousers and a olive green jacket. These days are being very warm what I'm loving because I am one of those people whose definitely prefer summer than winter! Even if I think winter clothes are more beautiful. Now I'm going to work and then I  am possibly going to a birthday dinner, see you tomorrow! Bye! 
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Este fue mi look de ayer: jersey beige con camisa vaquera debajo, pantalones marrones y cazadora oliva. Estos días están siendo muy cálidos, lo que me está encantando ya que soy una de esas personas que prefiere sin duda el verano al invierno aunque las ropas de invierno me parezcan más bonitas. Ahora voy a trabajar y seguramente después vaya a una cena de cumpleaños. Nos vemos mañana, adiós!

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  1. Hi! i love this outfit!! Please check and follow me on my blog http://catseyesmf.blogspot.com/ if you want! thank you, i love your style!!
    Have a nice week! <3 <3

  2. Love this outfit! Where's your jean shirt from? i love it! www.thekeytoconstantia.blogspot.com

    1. hey Constantia! it's from Ralph Lauren, i'm glad you liked it! thanks 4 your comment!!! xo

  3. Wow, really pretty look, love how you've layered everything!


  4. wow!! :D Pretty Outfit!!♥
    n,n i like it!! :D
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    by me!, and I really hope you can check it
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  5. Greatt look! :)



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