The Three Wise Kings night

Since I am in Spain I can't stop thinking about my days in Brazil and missing a lot my family.. The first night was horrible. When I was there there were always a lot of people in the house and I could never get bored.. and when I arrived here, the first night I felt so alone that I started to cry and didn't resist to phone them.
Naturally, I didn't wanted to feel the same thing yesterday so I hung out with Alicia for celebrating The Three Wise Kings night. I wore my new shirt from Myth, ZD leather black pants and heels from Zara. I haven't got any picture of the entire look but it was a simple outfit but glamourous, I think.
Tomorrow I promise to post all my Christmas gifts and some more pictures from Brazil, even if I have to study A LOT! Classes begins on Monday again!! Here in Spain it's 3:11 so... it's time to sleep! Good night!
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Desde que estoy en España no puedo parar de pensar en mi estancia en Brasil y echar de menos a mi familia.. La primera noche aquí fue horrible. Cuando estaba allí la casa siempre estaba llena y no podía aburrirme nunca.. y cuando llegué aquí, la primera noche sentí un vacío y una soledad que empecé a llorar y no me resistí a llamarles por teléfono.
Naturalmente, no quería sentir lo mismo ayer así que salí con Alicia para celebrar la Noche de Reyes.  Me puse mi nueva camisa rosa de Myth, pantalones de cuero negros de ZD y tacones de Zara. No tengo ninguna foto del look entero pero fue un conjunto sencillo pero elegante, pienso yo.
Mañana prometo publicar una entrada sobre todos mis regalos de Navidad y algunas fotos más de Brasil, aún teniendo que estudiar UN MONTÓN! Las clases empiezan el lunes otra vez!! Aquí en España son ya las 3:14 así que me voy a dormir! Buenas noches!

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  1. It must be so hard to be away from your family! I'm sorry you were upset. These pictures are great though, and it looks like it was a fun night out.

  2. Hi dear, how long are you in Spain, hope that it goes well for you :)
    You all look very stylish. Nice blog header, did you make it yourself?

  3. Oh hope you feel better now and the night out could stop cou from missing your family. You look beautiful and your friends are also gorgeous :)Have a lovely weekend. Lilly

  4. OH MY GOD you all are so sweet! thanks a lot for these kind comments!
    Sam I am in Spain for almost seven years and yes I did the header by myself hahah Im glad you like it! thanks!

  5. Me encanta la camisa que tenes puesta! Tan elegante! =)



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