Bonjour! I'm happy! Why? Because of you all. Now we are 402 people in Raisaland, and I hope we to be more and more :) Thank you all for the support, your comments make me really happy althought they are not too many. Now, celebrating this reach of 400 followers, I would like to receive emails, lot of emails, from you: asking me anything, making suggestions for improve the blog and giving oppinions. The questions and answers will be published here (with the link of your blogs if you give me permission). I want to hear you. Would you like? Send anything to raisaland@live.com and I'd be very happy to answer all of them. 
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Bonjour! Estoy contenta! ¿Por qué? Por vosotros. Ahora somos 402 los habitantes de Raisaland, y espero que seamos muchos más :) Gracias a todos por el apoyo, vuestros comentarios me alegran el día aunque no sean muchos. Ahora, para celebrar el haber alcanzado los 400 seguidores, me gustaría recibir emails, muchos emails, vuestros: preguntando cualquier cosa, opinando, haciendo sugerencias para mejorar el blog, luego las preguntas las publicaré aquí (con el enlace de vuestro blog si me dais permiso). Quiero escucharos, os gustaría? Envía cualquier cosa a raisaland@live.com y estaré muy contenta de contestar a todos.

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  1. You look so beautiful with your long hair and that amazing shirt. Lilly x

  2. really like!
    check out my blog
    and if you like it you can follow:)

  3. Love the polka dot top!

    xo Ashleigh


  4. absolutely adore that top you're wearing!
    oh and make that another follower right here :)

  5. That top is so adorable!!



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