Hey guys, I'm up on Instagram since now! You can follow me on @raisahrmd ;) I'll be happy to see you there! (The picture is what I wore to spend the day with Jaime at Cabo de Gata yesterday, it's everything from H&M)
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Hola chicos, estoy en Instagram a partir de ahora! Podéis seguirme en @raisahrmd ;) Me alegraré de veros allí! (En la foto podéis ver lo que me puse para pasar el día con Jaime en Cabo de Gata ayer, es todo de H&M)

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  1. I'm going to follow you! My username is annchica :)

    http://annchica.blogspot.com ♥

  2. Oh wow I am in love with that top! the fringes are awesome and those shorts are perfect. I'm loving this look.


  3. I don't have instagram, but I know so so many people who do! Love that blouse!


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